Need a tax pro for your individual tax return, self-employment income, and/or crypto taxes? You have come to the right place!

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Tax laughs and refunds – where finance meets fun!

Why Choose Spartan Tax Relief?

I am not your typical tax return professional. Here’s why you should make me your tax superhero:

1. Investment & Crypto Expertise:
– I am well-versed in the ever-changing world of investments and cryptocurrencies. I will help you navigate the complex tax implications, ensuring you make informed decisions while optimizing your tax liabilities.

2. Self-Employment Savvy:
– If you are self-employed or have a side work hustle/gig, you are in good hands. I specialize in handling the unique tax challenges faced by entrepreneurs. From filing your Schedule C small business tax return to maximizing deductions, I have you covered to assist you in keeping more of your hard-earned money.

3. Problem-Solving Guru:
– Got tax troubles? I’ve got solutions more magical than a Hogwarts spell. I leverage cutting-edge tax software to streamline the entire tax process. This not only saves you time but also helps eliminate errors, ensuring your returns are accurate and efficient.

4. Tax Code Wizard:
– I am up-to-date with the latest changes and you can trust me to decipher the complexity of YOUR return and ensure your taxes are done correctly. I speak tax code fluently…just ask my wife.

5. Audit-Ready:
– I am proud to say that none of my tax clients have ever been audited by the IRS. If you want to use the legal deductions allowed to you without sending any red flags to the IRS, then you are in the right place.

6. Ethical Solutions:
– I wear my ethics on my sleeve – and my sleeve is tax-themed. I stay strictly on the good side of all IRS regulations. I adhere to the highest ethical standards in all of my business practices, and expect my clients to do the same.

7. Personalized Care:
– Your financial+tax situation is unique, and so are my services. Your taxes, your way – no cookie-cutter solutions here. If you need individual returns, or a small business tax return, or some crypto tax work, and all of the above then you are in the right place!

8. Always Accessible:
– I am here when you need me most during the regular tax season (Jan – May), and once we get to post tax season I can still be reached via smoke signals or Morse code while resting in my hammock. Just kidding…I still work in the off season, it just may not be an instant response.

9. Communication Pro:
– Tax talk made easy – I speak your language. I understand that tax talk can be confusing. I pride myself on clear and effective communication, breaking down complex tax matters into easily understood language.

10. Strategic Tax Planning:
– Maximize savings with proactive tax strategies. If you want to proactively plan to minimize your future tax liabilities while maximizing your retirement savings, I am available to help you achieve your goals.

11. Education & Empowerment:
– I am not just tax pro; I am a tax educator. I want to teach you about the tax implications of your financial decisions, and enable you to make better informed choices.

12. Easy Tax Portal:
– My secure & easy to navigate client portal is simple enough your kids could use it – but how about we NOT let that happen!

13. Rave Reviews:
– Join the ranks of my satisfied clients who have experienced my exceptional services and come back year after year.

14. Time Magician:
– Your time is SUPER valuable, and I respect that. I ensure your tax return is completed promptly (usually within 4-10 days) so you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient process here at Spartan Tax Relief. Your return is done before you can say “refund!!” And zero rabbits are injured during this magic act.

15. Multi-State Mastery:
– If your financial life spans multiple states, do not worry as I have you covered. I have seamlessly handled taxes in multiple states for many of my tax clients. And I can also prepare US tax returns for those US citizens who have flown the coop and are now living overseas.

16. Financial Planning Integration:
– I bring harmony to your financial symphony. Taxes and financial planning go hand in hand. I work in collaboration with YOUR financial advisor to ensure your tax strategies align with your financial goals.

17. Referral Program:
– If you like my tax services tell others and get an easy $20 credit applied to your next tax prep fee for each non-student referral who becomes a Spartan Tax Relief client. And $10 credit for any new full-time college student clients that you refer!

18. Secure & Confidential:
– Your financial secrets are safe with me. I employ state-of-the-art security measures to safeguard your tax information and ensure it remains confidential and protected. Think Fort Knox, but for your tax info.

19. Affordable Excellence:
– Quality services that won’t break the bank. I offer very competitive tax prep fees to provide you with exceptional value for your investment.

20. Lifelong Learner:
– I am always on a quest for knowledge to benefit my clients. Staying updated with the latest tax laws and industry trends is my commitment to delivering the best possible service to YOU.

Ready to experience tax services with a twist? Let’s chat! Set up a phone call with me using the scheduler or send me a quick email, or go right to my secure portal and set up an account to get your no-obligation tax prep quote. At Spartan Tax Relief, I believe you have a right to a competent tax preparer who accurately completes your tax returns while finding all of the legal deductions allowable, and doing this at a fair price. If you are a potential new client please go to my secure portal and create a new account to get started:

Am I the right tax pro for everyone? Certainly not – I will be the first one to tell you that. I am perfect for many types of clients but there are some areas that I do not focus on (where I can usually refer you to someone else who handles that type of tax work).

You are a good fit for Spartan Tax Relief, LLC if you answer “Yes” to most of the following statements:

+ I am a U.S. citizen or Resident Alien (such as an international student who has been here in the U.S. for OVER 5 years)

+ I want to stay on the good side of the IRS and not push into any “gray” areas of the tax laws

+ I have a business (single member LLC or DBA) and have a bookkeeper/software which prepares accurate records – (this is for individuals seeking to be added to my client list, other businesses such as Corp/S Corp/Partnerships need to contact me separately as I am not taking on many of those at this time- I do NOT accept any clients with a Farm or Non-Profit or if you are a Non-Resident Alien)

+ I own crypto assets and earn income from those, and I use a third party crypto tax platform (this is a requirement for my crypto clients)

+ I am tech savvy and able to easily use the Spartan Tax Relief secure online client portal for all tasks related to this tax work

+ I want my tax returns completed within 4-10 days of when I upload my tax docs to Spartan Tax Relief

+ I am willing to book a spot ahead of time in your annual schedule once I become a client

+ I respond quickly when you send me a message or notification or email (within 24 hours)

+ I will use the portal for uploading ALL tax docs, approvals, e-signing & payments-(nothing gets sent via email or text!)

+ I respect & value your experience, skills, and tax services

+ I am looking for a solid tax preparer for each and every year to have things be STRESS-FREE for me!

Rich Smith, Enrolled Agent (EA) – Spartan Tax Relief, LLC

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I personally know how those franchise tax offices work. I was there for several years and even in the top management positions I could not change their company mindset of charging the customers as high of a fee as possible and providing some of the most poorly trained staff anywhere! Many of those “tax preparers” at one of the big name stores have only 10 hours of tax training! And some of the people “reviewing and proofing” those brand new preparers have little to no training in taxes and finance.

Those other tax offices you see on TV or hear on radio ads promise you the world but usually fail to deliver the goods! Are you tired of getting the invoice for your tax prep and it is sky high for your very simple return? Are you upset about sitting and waiting over an hour to see someone in another tax office? Or do you have to wait weeks and months for the CPA to finally get around to preparing your tax returns? If you said “YES” to any of these then have Spartan Tax Relief prepare your tax returns and experience a calm, relaxing, and simple tax prep experience when you use my secure online client portal and get things done from the comfort of your home without any office appointments!

Quality Over Quantity

My name is Rich Smith and I started Spartan Tax Relief, LLC in 2010 to give the smart consumers a better choice in who they take their tax information to for preparation of their US income tax returns.

After doing tax prep in the Lansing area for many years and also having a Finance degree from Michigan State University, I know that I can truly benefit clients by offering a fast, professional, and friendly customer service experience while charging much less than what those other places charge. And you can count on me preparing your returns each and every year; no more guessing as to who will be handling a very important financial document for you!

Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

  • Accurate Tax Returns
  • Tax Preparation for independent contractors & self-employed business owners
  • Tax preparation for cryptocurrency traders & investors
  • Affordable Fees
  • Available Year-Round – but tax prep is mainly done from late January thru late April
  • Tax Planning and Forecasting – extra fees apply
  • Tax Resolution Services – extra fees apply
  • Crypto Tax Returns – extra fees apply – NO quotes given for cryptocurrency returns
  • Authorized IRS E-File Provider
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Business Tax Returns – contact me for details
  • Multiple Prior Year Tax Returns – No Guilt, No Worries!
  • Can Handle Every State in USA
  • If I cannot take on your work I will usually refer you to someone else who can
  • “Blind obedience to authority is the greatest enemy of the truth” – Albert Einstein
  • “I was also raised to treat people exactly how I would like to be treated by others. It’s called respect.” – Keanu Reeves



Tax Prep Services


 Individual Returns

Whether you need a simple college student tax return completed or a more detailed return for a family, I know I am the best around! Please contact me via phone at 517-580-7141 or directly in the portal to get your personalized quote for tax prep fees AND get a spot on my schedule – it fills up fast and I am only taking on a small number of new tax clients this season!


Self-Employment/Small Business Tax Returns

Even though I specialize in individual tax returns, I also take on many single member DBA/LLC small business tax returns as well. After running multiple businesses over the course of my career I can truly give you solid business advice which keeps you on track with the IRS & the state, and also makes sense for your business. If it is an S Corp, Corporation, or Partnership return I will refer you over to someone else as I am not taking on any more of these returns at this time.


Tax Planning

If you want a tax consultation each year to make sure you will have enough taxes paid in during the year so no penalties will be assessed to your self employment income, I can help you! I am also working on future tax planning options for those clients who want to know exactly what they need to do to make their retirement accounts work best with current tax laws.

Tax Resolution

If you have multiple years of back tax returns needing to be filed or a large balance owing the IRS, I can help you get old returns prepared and get into tax compliance so that you are able to work out a plan with the IRS/State to resolve the issues quickly and fairly! Do NOT wait until you are getting nasty letters from the IRS to contact me; call NOW to set up an initial online appointment to get things moving in the right direction! I only take on a VERY limited number of tax resolution clients.

Cryptocurrency Tax Services

If you are looking for tax preparation for cryptocurrency traders and have had any of the numerous tax transactions that MUST be reported on your US tax return, please contact me so we can get you in full compliance with the IRS. This takes an even longer amount of time if we have to go back into prior years where you had crypto but did not report the taxable transactions. If you bring your tax stuff to me during tax season and have a large number of transactions and/or multiple crypto exchanges+wallets, you MUST have a 3rd party crypto tax platform (such as Cointracker or Koinly) that I work with to enable me to see the detailed crypto transactions. Please contact me if you want advice on which 3rd party crypto tax platforms I work with, and once you join me a s a tax client I can provide a DISCOUNT code for the platform I feel is the BEST one to use..


Tax Prep Testimonials

Thank you Spartan Tax for another year of worry-free taxes! You are appreciated!

Megan L., Lansing, MI

“Rich does a great job! I started using him four years ago when I had several W-2s in two different states. He has done a great job keeping me informed and organized!”

Nolan S., Mason, MI

“Simple and done right. Working with Rich was easy and it put my mind at ease knowing that I did not have to worry about taxes with a new small business.”

Jeff S., Lansing, MI

“Rich was experienced, professional and flexible with our schedule. Would highly recommend.”

Lindsey S., Lansing, MI

“Rich was very knowledgeable and professional in preparing my taxes. This is my first year doing taxes on my own, and he gave me peace-of-mind knowing my taxes were done correctly. I will have him do my taxes every year!”

Molly B., Greater Lansing area, MI

“This was by far the best price I’ve been quoted for tax preparation. Don’t go anywhere else! And for this price don’t do them yourself…”

Samantha V., Lansing, MI

“Looking forward to making another appointment for this upcoming tax season with Spartan Tax Relief! Mr. Smith makes filing quick and painless and I’m thankful to have had his assistance for the last few years. His prices are extremely reasonable, especially for students – don’t go anywhere else!

Sydney T., East Lansing, MI

“I switched to Spartan Tax Relief a few years back after using other services and I couldn’t be happier with STR services. I am glad to be supporting a local company that works hard to ensure its clients have a peace of mind with regard to filing their taxes. The customer service and availability to the client is excellent. Rich Smith is always extremely helpful and resourceful when it comes to answering questions and working for the client. I highly recommend Spartan Tax Relief for anyone looking for an honest and efficient tax filing service!

Fredy R.,  East Lansing, MI