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A Different Approach

At Spartan Tax Relief, I believe you have a right to a competent tax preparer who accurately completes your tax returns while finding all of the legal deductions allowable, and doing this at a fair price.

I started Spartan Tax Relief to provide consumers RELIEF from the outrageously high fees and substandard service at the national franchise tax offices.

Has one of these things happened to you last year?

  • graduated college
  • got married
  • bought first house
  • had first child
  • started a new business
  • got divorced
  • had spouse pass away
  • began retirement

Spartan Tax Relief can help you navigate the income tax hurdles throughout all of these major life events!

And for every new client referred to Spartan Tax you will get a cash credit towards your next tax prep fee; $20 for new non-student client referrals and $10 for student referrals.

Rich Smith, Enrolled Agent Spartan Tax Relief



I personally know how those franchise tax offices work. I was there for several years and even in the top management positions I could not change their company mindset of charging the customers as high of a fee as possible and providing some of the most poorly trained staff anywhere! Many of those “tax preparers” at one of the big name stores have only 10 hours of tax training! And some of the people “reviewing and proofing” those brand new preparers have little to no training in taxes and finance.

Those other tax offices you see on TV or hear on radio ads promise you the world but usually fail to deliver the goods! Are you tired of getting the invoice for your tax prep and it is $300-450 for your very simple return? Are you upset about sitting and waiting over an hour to see someone in another tax office? Or do you have to wait weeks and weeks for the CPA to finally get around to preparing your tax returns? If you said “YES” to any of these then come HERE and experience a calm, relaxing, and professional tax prep office and be certain your tax returns are prepared accurately for a fair fee, without wasting a lot of your precious time! Or even better, use my secure online client portal and get things done from the comfort of your home without any office appointments! And because of COVID-19 pandemic I am switching most of my clients to the online portal as I have to limit the number of people I can see in an office setting.

When you bring your tax work to Spartan Tax Relief you will get the best customer service and one of the lowest tax prep fees around. I do charge more than the online tax software programs, but you get SO MUCH MORE when you come to SPARTAN TAX!

Quality Over Quantity

My name is Rich Smith and I started Spartan Tax Relief, LLC in 2010 to give the smart consumers a better choice in who they take their tax information to for preparation of the income tax returns.

After doing tax prep in the Lansing area for many years and also having a Finance degree from Michigan State University, I know that I can truly benefit clients by offering a fast, professional, and friendly customer service experience while charging about one half of what those other places charge. And you can count on me preparing your returns each and every year; no more guessing as to who will be handling a very important financial document for you!

Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

  • Accurate Tax Return
  • Affordable Fees
  • Available Year-Round
  • Tax Planning and Forecasting
  • Tax Resolution Services
  • Usually Completed In 1 Appointment
  • Most Relaxed Tax Office Anywhere!
  • Authorized IRS E-File Provider
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Business Tax Returns
  • Multiple Prior Year Tax Returns – No Guilt, No Worries!
  • Can Handle Every State in USA
  • Free Review of Last 3 Years Tax Returns for Clients



 Individual Returns

Whether you need a simple college student tax return completed or a more detailed return for a family, I know I am the best around! Please contact me directly to get your personalized quote for tax prep fees!


Business Returns

Even though I specialize in individual tax returns, I also take on business tax returns as well. These will take more than one appointment if it is an S Corp, Corporation, Non-Profit, or Partnership return.


New Biz Consulting

If you are getting ready to start a new small business and need some help figuring out the proper way to set it up, or what items you can deduct as a business owner, I provide consulting at a very low price.


Tax Planning

If you want help planning each year to make sure you will have enough taxes paid in during the year so no penalties will be assessed to your self employment income, I can help you!

Tax Resolution

If you have multiple years of back tax returns needing to be filed or a large balance owing the IRS, I can help you get old returns prepared and get into tax compliance so that you are able to work out a plan with the IRS/State to resolve the issues quickly and fairly! Do NOT wait until you are getting nasty letters from the IRS to contact me; call NOW to set up an initial appointment to get things moving in the right direction!


Thank you Spartan Tax for another year of worry-free taxes! You are appreciated!

Megan L., Lansing, MI

“Rich does a great job! I started using him four years ago when I had several W-2s in two different states. He has done a great job keeping me informed and organized!”

Nolan S., Mason, MI

“Simple and done right. Working with Rich was easy and it put my mind at ease knowing that I did not have to worry about taxes with a new small business.”

Jeff S., Lansing, MI

“Rich was experienced, professional and flexible with our schedule. Would highly recommend.”

Lindsey S., Lansing, MI

“Rich was very knowledgeable and professional in preparing my taxes. This is my first year doing taxes on my own, and he gave me peace-of-mind knowing my taxes were done correctly. I will have him do my taxes every year!”

Molly B., Greater Lansing area, MI

“This was by far the best price I’ve been quoted for tax preparation. Don’t go anywhere else! And for this price don’t do them yourself…”

Samantha V., Lansing, MI

“Looking forward to making another appointment for this upcoming tax season with Spartan Tax Relief! Mr. Smith makes filing quick and painless and I’m thankful to have had his assistance for the last few years. His prices are extremely reasonable, especially for students – don’t go anywhere else!

Sydney T., East Lansing, MI

“I switched to Spartan Tax Relief a few years back after using other services and I couldn’t be happier with STR services. I am glad to be supporting a local company that works hard to ensure its clients have a peace of mind with regard to filing their taxes. The customer service and availability to the client is excellent. Rich Smith is always extremely helpful and resourceful when it comes to answering questions and working for the client. I highly recommend Spartan Tax Relief for anyone looking for an honest and efficient tax filing service!

Fredy R.,  East Lansing, MI

About The Company



Determined to create something better, my company was formed to provide a better choice for people who are fed up of the games being played at those other tax offices! My office hours are by Appointment Only since I feel it is a waste of your time to be sitting and waiting in a reception area only to get service when the next desk is ready for you.

And after the first year of preparing your tax returns, I offer my clients two other options to save you even MORE TIME in your busy schedule! You can drop off your folder of tax documents to my office and within a few days I will contact you to come back in for signatures, payment, and picking up your documents. This option takes very little time.

The other option I provide my clients is to download your tax documents thru my Secure Client Portal, and I will complete everything online and you do not ever have to step in the office to get your tax returns prepared!

Contact me now by phone, email, or text and I can contact you for a short tax interview to provide you with a more accurate quote of what my tax prep fees would be. And finally be done with all of the horrible games at those other so-called “tax offices” and allow Spartan Tax Relief to be your professional tax preparer for life!

My office is located at 808 W. Lake Lansing Rd., Suite #202, East Lansing, MI 48823. It is just west of the light at Harrison Road on the north side of the street, and directly in front of the Burnt Tree Apartment complex in a small two-story building. When you see the Burnt Tree sign, turn in there and immediately pull into the first little parking lot on your right. My office is on the upper level of the building all the way at the end of the hallway. And you will have arrived at the best place for tax prep in East Lansing!